Hosted SMTP Gateway

At TEKYHOST we provide Hosted SMTP Gateway with advanced spam filtering and unlimited email addresses.

Filter unlimited Email addresses
Outbound Email Service
100mb Email size limit
AD / LDAP sync

  • Powerful filtering: Unlike other spam filtering systems that rely on algorithms that spammers can easily defeat, our rule based system features million of rules that are constantly updated and maintained by live engineers and robots 24/7.
  • NO per-user fees: Filter mail for an unlimited number of email addresses at no additional cost. Unlimited quarantine user logins are included too.
  • False positives: While other spam filters use automated systems to “auto-learn” spam, a process that is prone to errors, our rules are carefully engineered to ensure that only real spam is blocked.

1. Ones registered with us you will get list of servers for yours MX records.
2. Provide your internal Email Servers so we can forward your emails.
3. Point your internal EMail servers to our Spam gateway that we will provide.
4. Login to web interface that we will provide so you can manage your spam settings.

At the end of this steps your email flow will be protected by our Spam filters for both outgoing and incoming emails. Our Team will guide you throughout this process and provide remote assistance.