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Linux Consulting Toronto | Linux Support

At TEKYHOST we provide Linux Consulting and Support for our clients in Ontario, Canada and remotely anywhere in North America

We provide Linux Consulting Toronto for small and medium business as well as Enterprise companies and Government organizations.
We have all top level certifications when it comes to Linux including Red Hat and SLES(Suse enterprise Linux).

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Linux Support Services

  • Red Hat Support and consulting
  • SLES Support and consulting
  • Ubuntu Support and consulting
  • Linux Deployment
  • Migrations to Linux form Windows
  • Linux Backup and Recovery
  • Linux Custom Scripting
  • Linux Security
  • Linux Monitoring
  • Linux based server maintenance

Linux Consulting and support

Supported Linux Distributions

  • SUSE Linux Enterprise
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux
  • CentOS
  • Debian
  • openSUSE
  • Ubuntu

Our support services include hardware Linux based servers as well as virtual systems running on KVM, Zen, VMware , HyperV. We also support cloud based Linux virtual systems.

Why Migrate to Linux ?

a. In Linux, you don’t need an antivirus. Virus and malware are not a problem in Linux world. Linux is known for its security features. Switching to Linux will save you some more as you won’t have to buy an antivirus. It is modular system and easier to secure then Windows

b. It is compatible with lower end hardware. You will be able to run applications comparable to ones you run using windows on a much lower end hardware.

c. Its is completely free. Although there are also paid Linux like Redhat and SLES you will be able to run free Linux for most of your services. Even when you do need paid version you will pay fraction of cast that you would pay for windows.

d. You can easily install any application you need from repositories that are included with your Linux distribution.

e. Excellent community support.


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