MSP Services


TEKYHOST is Best Toronto based MSP provider.

MSP means outsource certain services to specialist companies. Outsourcing has long been understood as a cost-cutting move. TEKYHOST is Best Toronto based MSP provider for small and medium business.

best Toronto based MSP
TEKYHOST Managed Service Provider (MSP) services?

  • Managing IT infrastructure
  • Offering technical support to staff
  • Managing user access accounts on clients’ systems
  • Offering fully managed hardware outsourcing
  • Co-location in our Toronto, Ontario based data centre
  • Managed Cloud Infrastructure
  • Managed Office 365 Tenant

What are benefits of using TEKYHOST as your MSP?

  • Provides staff on call around the clock at little extra charge
  • Can fill in for in-house staff shortages
  • Can cover for on premises disasters
  • Can include data backup management to avert data loss
  • Clearly defines the work of IT support by definition in a binding contract
  • Can be skalable, adding on extra resources incrementally or temporarily
  • Removes the danger of a company being held up by industrial action
  • Reduces the problem of companies competing for scarce qualified IT experts, driving up wages
  • Makes highly-qualified staff available to all parts of the world
  • Makes experts in lower-wage locations available to companies in high-cost place

An MSP can replace a company’s IT department entirely, or provide a single niche service. The industry is evolving to provide expertise to all points of the globe and makes cutting-edge technology available at a low price.

As best Toronto based MSP Provider we only hire fully certified Engineers that are experts in there filed.

All our MSP packages include:

  • System management, including the creation of restore points and freeing up storage and memory.
  • Constant system status monitoring
  • Access logging and security auditing
  • License usage monitoring
  • Patch management
  • Software update rollout

As best Toronto based MSP Provider we offer custom based SLA’s for our clients in Canada and USA.