Zimbra Consulting and Support

At TEKYHOST we provide Zimbra consulting and Zimbra security consulting

We provide number of hosting services for Zimbra Collaboration suite.

Zimbra support services

Zimbra Collaboration Server is an open source email and collaboration platform that includes email, contacts, calendar, documents and more. It is great solution for any business that wants to have Enterprise Mail system for fraction of the cost.

Zimbra support

Zimbra consulting

  • Secure Zimbra deployments.
  • Troubleshooting Zimbra related issues.
  • Migrations from Microsoft Exchange to Zimbra Open source and Network additions.
  • Zimbra scripting and automation.

Zimbra licensing options

Zimbra available in Network(paid) and OSE(free) editions.

Zimbra Collaboration 8.8 Product Comparison – NE and OSE

Zimbra Network Edition for on-permises deployment available in two Editions:

  • Professional
  • Standard

Zimbra Collaboration 8.8 Product Comparison Network Edition

Zimbra hosting services

  • We host your mailboxes on multi tenant Zimbra server. This is great solution for small firm that want to be able to use Enterprise level mail system without overhead of doing administration and maintenance on there own.
  • We host your virtual Zimbra server. We take care of all patching, security, maintenance. We can even do all basic administration like creating users, distribution groups, policies and so on. In some cases companies want to administer there own users. In this case we can manage system level security and maintenance leaving administration part to companies IT department.

Why use Zimbra

Web Access – Any user can access Zimbra from any computer anywhere. Zimbra provides very enhanced web client which used by many users as Alternative to Outlook.
Calendaring – Users able to use multiple calendars, assign delegation and sharing.
Mailbox Management – Zimbra offers advanced search capabilities, filters, tags, grouping email by conversation. It also includes advanced features like managing message flow by massage rules.
Client support – Zimbra comes with very enhanced WEB client but it also includes support for Outlook, Apple iSync, Ximian Evolution and many others.


At TEKYHOST we specialize in Zimbra consulting and Zimbra security consulting

  • Zimbra support and security consulting.
  • Web client security.
  • Anti-spam, and anti-virus.
  • Operating system.
  • Network security.

We can provide local support for your in-house servers in Toronto Ontario or remotely anywhere in North America. We provide support for Zimbra migrations from Microsoft Exchange and new deployments

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