Hosted Zimbra mailboxes

At TEKYHOST we provide Business class Hosted Zimbra mailboxes. We have many different solutions custom tailored for our client needs.

Please contact us for FREE consultation regarding your Mail infrastructure migration to our Zimbra hosted solution or quote for Hosted Zimbra mailboxes.

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    hosted Zimbra mailboxes

    • Outlook Compatibility
    • Web Mail Client
    • Included SPAM and Virus protection
    • 24/7 Support
    • Nightly Backup

    We provide email hosting based on Zimbra Collaboration which provides business-class email, shared calendaring, file sharing, and tasks via a web based interface with full mobile device integration support.
    All our hosted Zimbra mailboxes protected by cloud based state of the art spam defence system which is included with all our Mailbox hosing offers.

    If you host your own Zimbra servers we provide Zimbra Consulting services and Zimbra migration services.

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    Migrating your Zimbra Mail servers to our datacenter will provide you with

    • Cost Savings
    • Improved Security
    • Increased Efficiency

    Why hosted Zimbra mailbox service works for our clients.

    1. It lets our customers focus on there business instead of managing there Messaging servers. This saves tremendous amount of time and resources.
    2. Some clients don’t have internal resources and it takes full time to secure and manage messaging infrastructure
    3. TEKYHOST has many years of experience doing exactly that. We spend huge amount of time on dealing with security to make sure our hosted Zimbra mailbox remains secure and reliable

    We have many solutions in most cases tailored made for our clients. We give complexly FREE estimate for work necessary on order to transition your messaging system to cloud or to our data center based on your needs.

    Zimbra hosting services

    • We host your mailboxes on multi tenant Zimbra server. This is great solution for small firm that want to be able to use Enterprise level mail system without overhead of doing administration and maintenance on there own.
    • We host your virtual Zimbra server. We take care of all patching, security, maintenance. We can even do all basic administration like creating users, distribution groups, policies and so on. In some cases companies want to administer there own users. In this case we can manage system level security and maintenance leaving administration part to companies IT department.

    Hosted Zimbra mailboxes