ZIMBRA vs Office 365


ZIMBRA vs Office 365

Zimbra is directly competing with office 365 for share of enterprise email market. A lot of our clients ask us. Why choose Zimbra over Office 365?
Lets see why we as consultants we always suggest Zimbra over Office 365 for any business with more then 10 mailboxes.

Zimbra hands down wins the competition when it comes to pricing. Be it Network on Perm. deployment or hosted solution. There is huge difference in pricing and Zimbra is clear winner. On top of this Zimbra provides Free Open Source Edition that is available as evaluation software. In Office 365, there isn’t a provision of any “free account” and users need to pay a minimum monthly subscription.
Office 365 includes the Microsoft suite of Office applications. Zimbra, in addition to email and calendar also offers a host of features such as file sharing, document management, simplified admin controls and an award-winning, AJAX based user interface. On top of that, Zimbra also offers useful features such as cross platform sync, platform search and email sorting, that Office 365 doesn’t. There is also 3rd party plugins that Zimbra fully supports but they are not available for Office 365
Zimbra is an open source software that means organizations can have more control over email operations as there is always a possibility to customize code to suit diverse business requirements. Office 365, on the other hand is a closed source software as only Microsoft is permitted to perform any changes to the code as and when required.
Platform or Device Support
Zimbra supports android, iOS and all leading web platforms. Office 365 also supports android, iOS and some web platforms but lucking supports for some web browsers.

Compare Features

Feature Comparison Guide Zimbra Office 365
Spell Check Y N
Custom dictionary Y N
Page navigation Y N
Print preview Y N
Many signatures Y N
Attachments in reply Y N
Address context in email Y N
Zip file of messages Y N
Appointment created from email Y N
Many message forward Y N
Email as attachment Y N
Contact CSV import / export Y Import Only
Copy and move contacts Y N
Time zone auto mods Y N
Declined appointments greyed out Y N
Small calendar view Y N
Date hover in small calendar view shows schedule Y N
iCal import Y N
Show calendar in iCal format Y N
Continuous, robust and fast search Y N
Searches saved Y N
Sharing contacts with internal, external and public users Y N
Sharing tasks with internal, external and public users Y N
Apps Y Office Only
Inbox size Configurable 25G
Attachment size Configurable 25M
Cross platform compatibility Y N

Why is Zimbra better than Microsoft, Google

  • Lowest TCO in the industry
  • Secure, Private and Compliant by design
  • Access on any device, anywhere
  • Worldwide leader of open source email
  • Extensible through Zimlets, Rest API and more
  • Scales from 10 users to 40M users
  • Run on-prem or in a public or private cloud
  • Worldwide Partner Network to help you where you live and work
  • Why Choose Zimbra Network Edition

  • Now includes Zimbra Drive and Zimbra Chat!
  • Secure & Extensible (augmented with third-party security applications)
  • Private (deployable in-country through ecosystem of hosting partners)
  • Email and phone support plus 24/7 emergency service
  • Real-time synchronization with ActiveSync
  • Real-time backup and restore
  • Advanced search and file indexing for large inboxes
  • Built-in archiving and email compliance
  • Advanced store management and HSM
  • Web client rebranding
  • Multi-tenancy
  • Runs on Mac, Windows & Linux
  • At TEKYHOST we provide professional Zimbra Hosting and Consulting services.

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