Consulting services

At TEKYHOST we specialize in IT Consulting. We provide remote and on-site support for our clients in Toronto Ontario and anywhere else in North America. we provide array of managed open source hosting services out of tier 3 certified data center located in Toronto Ontario

Linux consulting

Specialize in supporting Linux based Networks.

Red Hat/CentOS Support

Support Red Hat Linux based deployments and systems derived from it like CentOS, Fedora and others.

Cloud Migration Services

We can help you with all your technical challenges related to deploying and adapting to AWS Cloud migrations from on prem environment


We help you improve the efficiency and availability of IT resources and applications through virtualization and cloud implementation.

Linux and Open Source Security Consulting

We provide security consulting and penetration testing for your internal and external networks.

Open source Network support and Monitoring

We can help you deploy completely open source solution for your Network Monitoring including deployment of tools such as Nagios, Cacti, NetFlow analyzers and generators.

ZIMBRA Consulting and Secure Hosting Solutions

Consulting and support for Zimbra Email Collaboration deployments. Migration from Microsoft Exchange to Zimbra Collaboration Suite.

Managed Infrastructure hosting

We can help you migrate and pro actively manage your internal IT resource in our Toronto Ontario based TIER 3 certified data center

AWS Migration and Consulting services

We can provide professional AWS service to help customer design, build and manage private, hybrid and public cloud.

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TEKYHOST has a dedicated team of hard-working people who know a great deal about the Information Technology

Open Source Managed Hosting services

We provide array of Managed Open Source Hosted services by certified Linux professionals in our Tier 3 Toronto, Canada based data center.

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Linux and open source articles and tutorials based on real world projects and deployments

E-Mail Security

ZIMBRAMAILBOX provides multi layered spam protection system which consists of Cloud Based Spam and Malware gateway and Local Zimbra based Malware

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Passwords should be strong and unique. Every Email account you create with Zimbra Mailbox should have different and strong password. Best Pr

Email Viruses and Malware

At ZIMBRAMAILBOX we are doing our best to protect you from Malware and Viruses that are finding there way to mailboxes all over the world. Ho

Why choose ZIMBRA over Office 365

Zimbra is directly competing with office 365 for share of enterprise email market. A lot of our clients ask us. Why choose Zimbra over Office 365