Office 365 Consulting Toronto Ontario Canada

Office 365 Consulting Toronto Ontario Canada by certified IT Pros.
We provide Office 365 consulting services to Small, Medium and enterprise-level companies in the Toronto GTA area.

Planning your hybrid environment

We understand what you need to implement your identity authentication in the cloud. We will work with you to understand your on-premises identity infrastructure and will help you plan for modernization.

User and Data Migration to Office 365

Each organization will have a different set of challenges when it comes to identifying which data should be migrated from their on-premises environment to Microsoft 365. This is because each organization’s data is unique and the data that is critical to one organization might be seen as trivial to another.

  • What on-premises data is critical to the organization?
  • What data needs to be moved from the on-premises
    environment to Microsoft 365?
  • What data will remain on-premises?
  • Where is the data currently located?

Once we have determined which data needs to be migrated to Microsoft 365, we will determine the appropriate method to perform that migration.

Multi-Factor Authentication MFA and Conditional Access Policies Implementetion

We can help you secure your Office 365 Deployment. We will examine your current configuration and make suggestion on the best way to address any existing security concerns. We will help you implement things like Conditional Access Policies , MFA – Multi Factor Authentication, RBAC , Azure AD Identity Protection and so on.

Office 365 Consulting Toronto

  • Planning for Hybrid Identity.
    We help you plan your hybrid environment with Azure AD Connect and additional authentication security.
  • Authentication and Security.
    Implementation of Azure AD self-service password reset SSPR, multi-factor authentication MFA, perform Azure AD access reviews.
  • Conditional Access Policies.
    Integration with Microsoft Intune. We can help you Review device Access and app-based policies.
  • Azure AD Identity Protection.
    Identify User based Risk policies and help with managing and responding to alerts.
  • Advanced Threat Protection.
    Setting up and manage Azure ATP instance.
  • Message protection in Office 365.
    Protecting users and domains with anti-phishing and anti-spam protection.
  • Threat Intelligence and Tracking.
    We work with you to understand threats specific to your Organization and ways to mitigate them.