At TEKYHOST we provide Zimbra consulting and Support. We specialize in complex Zimbra deployments and Zimbra security.

Why use Zimbra

Web Access – Any user can access Zimbra from any computer anywhere. Zimbra provides a very enhanced web client which is used by many users as an Alternative to Outlook.

Calendaring – Users are able to use multiple calendars, assign delegation and sharing.

Mailbox Management – Zimbra offers advanced search capabilities, filters, tags, grouping email by conversation. It also includes advanced features like managing message flow by message rules.

Client support – Zimbra comes with a very enhanced WEB client but it also includes support for Outlook, Apple iSync, Ximian Evolution and many others.


At TEKYHOST we specialize in Zimbra consulting and Zimbra security consulting

We can provide local support for your in-house servers in Toronto Ontario or remotely anywhere in North America. We provide support for Zimbra migrations from Microsoft Exchange and new deployments