At TEKYHOST we specialize in Cloud Migration Consulting Services, Data Center Migration solution and application migration from on premise to AWS Cloud. We have performed many successful migrations for our Toronto based clients and also remotely for many Canadian and American companies.

Cloud Migration Consulting Services

At TEKYHOST we specialize in Cloud Migration Consulting Services. We understand how difficult it is to develop and execute migration to AWS and we can help. With many years of experience and being fully certified working on AWS we can develop a robust plan and execute it on time. We can migrate your company to AWS in no time and when it comes to cloud – security is our priority. TEKYHOST has many partners that help us in this field. We partner up with Netgate-pfSense, Bitdefender, Webroot and other Vendors to secure your AWS deployment.

Moving from on Premise to Cloud

If your companies goal is to move from on premise to cloud TEKYHOST can help. We specialize in complex migration scenarios from your on premises server or virtual environments to AWS Cloud. We will make sure migration performed in secure and structured manner with no unnecessary down time or lost productivity. Our Main office located in Toronto Ontario Canada but we can provide support for clients anywhere in Canada or US.

Application Migration from on premise or Data Center to AWS Cloud

There will be many things to consider when migrating on premises application to AWS Cloud. Many storage options are available and many different ways infrastructure for your new application can be setup. TEKYHOST can help you with secure design of your new platform. We can perform migration for you and make sure downtime will be set to minimal and there is no data loss.

Migration to Office 365

We helped many businesses in Toronto GTA and remotely in North America with consulting and support for Microsoft Office 365 migration project. Configuring your 365 hybrid environment is not easy and requires knowledge and understanding of your organizations identity needs. We will help you plan your hybrid environment, choose the most sufficient synchronization method for your situation, configure additional authentication security and in general design the best possible path for your Microsoft Office 365 Migration.

Zimbra to Office 365 Migration

We work closely with BitTitan and other vendors to make sure your migration is as smooth as possible and all data is properly migrated. We will prepare your existing Zimbra environment using custom scripting when necessary for complete migration. After we will use custom scripts or existing vendors like BitTitan to Migrate all your data including Email, Calendar and Contacts. When applicable we can help with setting up AD Connect for password synchronization with on prem AD and SSO experience.

  • Secure Zimbra Migration
  • 24/7 Post Migration Support
Cloud Migration Consulting Services

Exchange 2010 to Office 365 Migration

We have an array of tools at our disposal to make sure your Migration from on prem Exchange 2010 to Office 365 is as smooth as possible. We can work with your IT to make sure synchronization between on prem AD and Azure is established and happening as per best practices.

Legacy IMAP and POP Mail to Zimbra or Office 365

We can Migrate mail from your legacy IMAP or POP servers like cPanel to Zimbra or Office 365. We will make sure all data is properly migrated and users can connect to new Mailboxes without any issues.