At TEKYHOST we provide our clients with All-inclusive Office 365 Secure Hosting. What it means is that all additional components that in most cases you need to subscribe to and configure separately already included in your hosting. To explain this farther. Office 365 is very powerful platform but it is missing some components that make it secure and production ready from the start. We provide all this in one package so our clients can forget about things like security and disaster recovery and concentrate on there main business.

Avanan Cloud Email and Collaboration Security

All our clients protected by Avanan when it comes to email security. Avanan is state of the art technology which uses AI to protect mailboxes from malware, fishing attempts and much more. It uses Microsoft API and does not rely on any changes to MX records or existing email infrastructure. We deploy optimal configuration and protection level that is determined by individual client requirement.

  • Security for all email
  • Fishing protection
  • Ransomware and Malware Protection
  • 24/7 Monitoring

Backup, archiving and recovery solution with Dropsuite

All plans include backup protection for all Office 365 Resources.